Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday's Movie - Really WILD Animals

Check out our brand spankin' new dvd series - National Geographic's Really Wild Animals!

Each dvd covers a different topic within the animal kingdom. For example, in "Awesome Animal Builders," you'll learn about different ways animals build their homes. Did you know some birds make their nests entirely out of spit? Well, they do. You'll also see how spiders spin their webs, how termites craft their tall towers, and how the male weaver birds weave their nests (in order to attract a nice lady weaver bird).

Check out all the episodes in this great series, hosted by the wacky animated character "Spin." They each have fantastic footage showing up close and personal the wondrous/amazing/gross/cool animal kingdom. Funny and informative - complete with musical numbers! Great for kids K and up.

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