Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa is Coming to the Library!

The children's staff at River Forest is happy to report that Santa will be taking some time off from his busy holiday schedule in order to make a visit to the River Forest Public Library. Santa will be here on December 8th from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. Children of all ages are invited to participate in a holiday craft, listen to cozy Christmas-themed stories, and of course visit with Santa upstairs by the fireplace. Library staff will be on-hand to take a picture of each child with Santa. These pictures will then be posted here on the Children's blog after the event, but feel free to bring your own camera as well. This is a drop-in, free, fun, family program.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wimpy Kid Wrap-Up

Many thanks to the kids who joined us for yesterday's Wimpy Kid Party! We had a blast playing games, cartooning and celebrating the Wimpy Kid series. Keep a look out on our website for more fun programs coming up in December and into the new year. Also, don't forget to stop by RFPL to check out a copy of the new Wimpy Kid book: The Third Wheel

Monday, November 19, 2012

International Reading

Have you ever wanted to practice your high-school French or enrich your child's learning with some basic bilingual vocabulary?

The International Digital Children's Library is a non-profit organization that has compiled an enormous list of children's literature; from glossy, full-color picture books to a complete copy of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in  Wonderland."

The books are in the public domain and are free to read (no registration required). They are available in a multitude of languages--many of which include English translations. The website is child-friendly, with such features as searching by cover color and age range. Why not take a moment to share a book in Polish, Farsi, or Tagalog with your child while also bonding over the magic of reading?

The River Forest Public library has an account with saved, recommended books on our digital bookshelf--come explore a new way to read on our computers and on our borrowable iPads!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We're Thankful!

It’s almost Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving, hooray! 
Say what you're thankful for today.

Visit our family-friendly Children’s Room  - we’re thankful for families, especially yours.  Check out a book or DVD from our display “Give thanks for families”. We have  a nonfiction* series, “Families of the World”,  about 20 different countries. Each DVD recounts the lives of 2 children from different areas of the country. It’s narrated by the kids and tells of their everyday lives, cultures, celebrations, and communities. They are great glimpse into kids’ lives around the world.
*Nonfiction DVDs are always free.

RFPL is thankful for books—add your own favorite book to our lobby display.  Just pick up a book shape at one of our desks, jot done your favorite, and add it to our bulletin board. Some children’s favorites already on the board:  Goodnight Moon, Harry Potter, Peter Pan, and Wonderstuck.



Monday, November 5, 2012

Reading aloud to independent readers

At what age should we stop reading with our children? A good answer to that question would be "as long as they'll possibly allow it... don't stop!"   Everyone knows the importance of reading aloud to emerging readers.  However, did you know that reading aloud remains important as children become fluent, independent readers? 
Reading aloud to independent readers:
·         Helps expand your child’s vocabulary as you may be able to read more complex material to them than they could handle on their own.
·         May increase your child's reading comprehension if you ask questions to encourage interpretation or expand upon ideas to support understanding of the text.
·         Helps to broaden his or her interest in new genres, authors and topics.
·         Offers a starting point for discussion of social concerns and your family values.
Families are busier than ever and shared down time is a precious commodity.   What better quality time can be found than curling up with your child, no matter his or her age, and getting lost in a good book together?  The Children’s Room staff members would love to assist you with finding good chapter books to  read-aloud with your independent reader.   Here are some new books that we think would be great to share aloud and discuss with your 4th or 5th grade child.