Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday's Movie - The Diary of Anne Frank

Through young Anne's eyes, the Diary of Anne Frank tells the story of the Frank family who are forced to go into hiding with another family during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. For two years the families lived in the close quarters of a loft above a spice factory - not daring to pull back the curtains or even make a sound during the day. The stories Anne recounts in her diary are about the war and also how life continues on in their hidden home - Hannukah is celebrated, the children argue with their parents, romance blooms, and Anne nourishes her dreams of becoming a writer.

This 1959 film adaptation of a play adapted from the actual diary of Anne Frank won 3 Academy Awards and 5 more award nominations at the time of its release. While the movie is in black and white, the cinematography is beautiful and the film is still crisp.

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