Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bye Ms. Parry

Ms. Parry, a valued member of our Children's staff, had her last storytime at this past Monday's Pajama storytime. She has decided to move on to a better opportunity working at the Bellwood Public Library. We thank Ms. Parry for her time spent at RFPL, and wish her the best at her new job!

Ms. Parry having cookies and juice during Monday's Pajama storytime.


Parry said...

Aw, great pictures! I'll miss the River Forest Public Library greatly - both the wonderful patrons and awesome staff!

PatrickWR said...

If you want to, go ahead and post these pics at We'd love to run them in the newspaper and say farewell to Ms. Parry.

Kimberly said...

Ms. Parry is the best! We will miss your guitar, your story-telling, your warm smile, and your great love of poetry, books, and kids. All the best to a great children's librarian.