Monday, February 7, 2011

"Old" Family Movies: A Review by Ms. Kim

With blizzards and snow days and sub-zero wind chills, it is a wonderful time to gather together for a classic family movie. These two movies explore the tender pull of friendship and are generally appropriate for ages 6 and up.

In the animated feature film, The Iron Giant, a boy in 1950s rural America befriends a 50-foot tall iron giant that has crash landed on Earth. This movie has moments of sweetness and adventure as the boy works to hide his new friend from the military.

In Born Free, Joy and her husband live and work in central Africa. When a litter of lion cubs come into their lives, Joy is drawn to Elsa who she raises to a full-grown lioness. There are fantastic scenes of animal mischief, stunning natural vistas, and soaring Academy Award winning music. Friends, though, must often part and the true life story of Elsa and her human friends will tug on your heartstrings. Both are available in our J DVD collection.

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