Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Materials for Greek Mythology Lovers

Calling all ancient history buffs and Percy Jackson fans! We have some new materials for you! These new items go into greater detail about the Greek Myths that many books for young readers are based on. Here are some opportunities to explore these wonderful stories in new ways.

3 New DVDs (Call Number: J 292.12)

Greek Mythology for Students:

This is an animated video series that captures the drama of Greek myths and illustrates the ancient's beliefs about the wonders of the universe. Each show is enhanced by an informative on-camera host, who helps highlight some of the common mythological themes threaded throughout ancient culture and history, and shows students how these powerful myths still relate to our lives today.

New Book

"Greek Myths"

By Ann Turnbull

Illustrated by Sarah Young

Call Number:

J 292.2 TUR

Enter a world where anything is possible. A god might be a mountain or a shower of gold. A nymph may be a stream or an echo in the wind. The myths of ancient Greece are full of such wonders, as well as a host of courageous heroes, cunning heroines, and terrible monsters. Ann Turnbull's compelling prose enlivens sixteen of the most celebrated myths, from the sadness of Persephone to the ill-fated love of Orpheus and Eurydice, from Pandora's unlucky curiosity to the greed of King Midas to many more age-old tales filled with drama and romance. In vivid, expressive detail, Sarah Young's fine-art illustrations bring this golden world to life, capturing creatures from Cerberus, the three headed dog, to the sinister snake-haired Medusa!

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