Saturday, June 23, 2012

June App Spotlight

We have so many apps to tell you about since our last App Spotlight. Read about these new additions to the RFPL app collection--then stop by the Children’s Room to try them out on an Early Literacy iPad!

Little Pim Spanish
This app teaches children a host of Spanish words using interaction and repetition. Words are grouped into scenes where children learn words associated with that scene. For example, the ‘Eating and Drinking’ scene takes children to a dinner table where they can learn various Spanish words related to meals and food. This app is a great way to introduce Spanish to children early on. Try it out today!

Spot the Dot
This app is based on pop-up books by David A. Carter. Children must interact with the screen to find dots that are hidden among various geometric shapes. See if you and your child have what it takes to find “the dot” in a maze of shapes and colors.

This app has a ton of fun activities that can help teach your child about colors and shapes. Kids can mix colors to create new ones, draw shapes, stack shapes and more!

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