Thursday, August 30, 2012

The 5 Early Literacy Practices: Writing

The Every Child Ready to Read @ your library initiative outlines five early literacy practices for parents and caregivers to do with young children (0-5 years). These five practices—talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing—provide kids with the skills they need to read! Let’s talk about writing. You can help your child understand that writing and reading are connected to each other. Try doing some writing activities together, such as making a grocery list. Write down the items on your list and then draw a picture of the item next to its word on the list. You could also write a letter to grandparents or a favorite friend: write down your child's message and then read it aloud before sending it. Make writing materials available to your child such as crayons, pencils, magnetic letters, or even an old keyboard. Using crayons is preferable to markers because they help children develop fine motor control. Know that what may look like “scribbling” is an important first step in learning how to write! You can make lines and simple shapes for your child to trace with a finger or crayon. These simple lines and shapes are a precursor to writing and fun for your child to practice!

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