Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family Time

School’s out and it’s time for family, friends, and fun.  We blogged before about reading aloud, but there are lots of possibilities for taking a quick “book break.” Consider some of these:
  • Joke books – just be prepared to hear the same joke again & again!
  • Folk & fairy tales – we have a large collection, including variations of tradition tales – consider versions of Cinderella from Persia, Korea, Egypt, Mexico, and more – there’s even a Cinderella Skeleton!
  • Anthologies of short stories – in addition to folk and fairy tales, consider Encyclopedia Brown (short mysteries) or any of the “Guys Read” series by Jon Scieszka.
  • Poetry – I recall loving the story and the rhythm of Longfellow’s “Hiawatha”. We have a tremendous variety of poetry books, including some “concrete poems”.
  • Non-fiction- look for trivia books, or any of the incredibly detailed and beautifully illustrated DK books on a huge range of subjects, including history, animals and science (Robots! Weather!)
What kinds of books do you like to share with your family?

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