Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday's Movie(s)

Ever wondered what a typical day is like for an 8 year old girl in Ghana? How about a 5 year old in boy in Brazil?

Each film in the Families of the World series focuses on a different country and shows what daily life is like for two children from different families in that country. The films are narrated by children and everything is shown from the kids' perspective - you'll learn what it's like to go to school in another country, what kind of games kids like to play, and what kind of chores they do to help their families. Watch and compare the lives of kids around the world to your own - you may even want to make your own film showing what it's like to be a kid where you live!

Check 'em out! They are shelved in J non-fiction, on top of the bookshelf in the 900's.

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