Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday's Movie

If you like animated movies and really weird and wacky humor, "Teacher's Pet" might be just right for you. Leonard is a fourth-grade boy and Spot is his faithful dog, but Spot longs for something more. He wants to go to school! He wants to learn! He wants to be a real boy! Wearing a pair of glasses and a beanie cap, Spot enters Leonard's classroom as Scott Lead-Ready II and quickly becomes the teacher's pet.

On the last day of school, just when Leonard and Scott/Spot are getting excited to enjoy their summer off together, Leonard learns he is traveling with his mother to sunny Florida - and NO DOGS ALLOWED. Spot is heartbroken. Then he hears about Dr. Ivan Krank, the mad scientist who can turn animals into humans, and who lives in - where else? Florida! So, "disguised" as Scott Lead-Ready II, Spot hitches a ride with Leonard and his mom, and they are all in for the goofiest adventure you ever saw.

The slapstick comedy and crazy happenings will totally appeal to kids - but don't worry, the parents will be laughing out loud, too.

Rated PG.

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