Monday, August 31, 2009

All Heads in Helmets!

Enjoying a cool treat at the August Heads in Helmets raffle drawing.

Did you know that, if you suffer a bike crash, a helmet can reduce your risk of brain injury by 90%?* That's why we think helmets are cool, and that's why the River Forest Park District is encouraging everyone to wear a helmet with the Triple Header Campaign - All Heads in Helmets.

The program continues through October, during which time police officers and public officials are rewarding young helmeted bikers with raffle tickets; plus helmeted parents will receive an extra ticket to give to each child they are riding with. The raffle tickets can be deposited at drop boxes locations around town, including the River Forest Public Library. Each month, a drawing will be held with the winning ticket holders receiving a prize, such as helmets, biking gear, theater tickets, restaurant vouchers, and even a brand new bike. The August 28th drawing was held here at the library, and it was a great event - congratulations to the prize winners Miranda, Thomas, Cindy, and Isabel!

Check out the River Forest Park District's Triple Header Campaign webpage to learn more facts about the benefits of wearing a helmet while biking, and for more details on the campaign.

*statistic from the River Forest Park District

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