Monday, August 3, 2009

A good thing come to an end...

Summer's not over yet, but the Summer Reading program at the River Forest Library is. It was great, wasn't it?

To mark your accomplishments, the weekend was full of celebration. Thanks for all who joined in the festivities - but most of all, thanks and congratulations to all the kids who participated in summer reading!

Friday evening, musical performer Dave Rudolf joined us for a Beach Party on the library lawn. Songs, dancing, hula hooping, and limbo galore ensued.

Dave got the folks dancing!

How low can you go?

(Did you know Miss Sue is a hula hoop champion??)

For completing the Summer Reading challenge, participants received a t-shirt and the opportunity to come decorate with others. We even tried out a new way to tie-dye - with sharpies! They turned out pretty sharp! (Hee hee, get it?)

Good reading, and good partying, everyone. Keep reading and sharing your good reads with us here at the library, and with your family and friends!

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