Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We're Thankful!

It’s almost Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving, hooray! 
Say what you're thankful for today.

Visit our family-friendly Children’s Room  - we’re thankful for families, especially yours.  Check out a book or DVD from our display “Give thanks for families”. We have  a nonfiction* series, “Families of the World”,  about 20 different countries. Each DVD recounts the lives of 2 children from different areas of the country. It’s narrated by the kids and tells of their everyday lives, cultures, celebrations, and communities. They are great glimpse into kids’ lives around the world.
*Nonfiction DVDs are always free.

RFPL is thankful for books—add your own favorite book to our lobby display.  Just pick up a book shape at one of our desks, jot done your favorite, and add it to our bulletin board. Some children’s favorites already on the board:  Goodnight Moon, Harry Potter, Peter Pan, and Wonderstuck.



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