Monday, November 19, 2012

International Reading

Have you ever wanted to practice your high-school French or enrich your child's learning with some basic bilingual vocabulary?

The International Digital Children's Library is a non-profit organization that has compiled an enormous list of children's literature; from glossy, full-color picture books to a complete copy of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in  Wonderland."

The books are in the public domain and are free to read (no registration required). They are available in a multitude of languages--many of which include English translations. The website is child-friendly, with such features as searching by cover color and age range. Why not take a moment to share a book in Polish, Farsi, or Tagalog with your child while also bonding over the magic of reading?

The River Forest Public library has an account with saved, recommended books on our digital bookshelf--come explore a new way to read on our computers and on our borrowable iPads!

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